How to get healthy, lose fat, increase strength

couple running

1. For losing Fat:
a. Don’t overeat.
b. Eat 20% less than required.
c. Eat enough protein. Eat necessary amount of fat, not more than it.
c. Do Exercises. Running. 20 situps, crunches, pushups, Start from 5-10 per day if you cannot do from start.
d. Get good sleep.
e. Regularity in eating, exerceise and sleep is far more important. Do not break schedule. Eat 3 times a day, sleep at night between 10.00-10.45 p.m. and get up between 5.30-6.00 a.m., exercise in morning.

2. Belly fat, once created is specially protected from being burned by alpha-2 receptors present in the belly fat. Unless you know how to deactivate the alpha-2 receptors, you will fail to burn much belly fat. Deactivation methods that are the most successful combine fasting, yohimbine and/or rauwolscine, and low intensity exercise during the window. Cardio (in the fat burning zone) is actually preferable to HIIT because it burns the fat during the limited time window).
People try to desperately get rid of belly fat by starving thinking that for sure has do it. The more you under eat (like a caloric deficit over 20%), your body will burn muscle and add to your overall body fat and belly fat. People who try starvation, or low calorie diets all end up with less muscle and more fat.
Fat is lost in whole body at once. Full body compound exercie that will tire you is required. To lose just 1.2 lbs of belly fat, you would need to drop around 15 pounds of body fat.

3. Your goal should not be to get thin. Instead you should try to increase physical capacity, stamina, speed and strength and get good health. Regular good eating, exercise and sleep are 3 important steps done together to get a fit body at any age.


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