How marriage is set in india


Will be MIL – Beta, what is your name ?
The Girl – Jee, XXXXX…
Will be MIL – Where do you work ?
The Girl – Jee Clinic, more precise we work for embassy issuing medical certificate for the candidate, i look into whole process n….
Will be MIL –  Cutting conversation in the middle, why she is wearing salwar suit. Cant she wear SAREE
The Girl dad, looking the situation told her to wear a “SAREE”, redressing process took around half hours, meanwhile girls parent were sweetening the counter-part.
Will be MIL – You look ok in SAREE, can u stand beside the will be GROOM
Now the lady(Will be MIL) brought the measuring tape from her bags and start measuring they are height, she gave belief nod
Will be MIL – Height wise a bit short, CAN U COOK ?
The Girl – Yes, i prepare dinner daily
Will be MIL – I doubt, can u make PAPAD, show me…where is the KITCHEN, running toward kitchen
The Girl, went to kitchen and starting preparing that, they came back to seating after  half an hour
The Girl requested on inquiring about the “GROOM” background, she came to know about his degree (unclear), his income (doubtful), his personality (impugn-able)
This interrogation took upto to 2-3 hours (including snacks, lunch, sweetening treat on the house)
Conclusion is yet to come, The Girl thinks that “Will be MIL” will reject her on the ground that last papad was not fully CIRCLE

I am shopaholic, debit card i have, given by my papa, no worries.
We will have maid in our house, i won’t do house hold stuff. (she is neither doing job).
I have never traveled in public transport, its either my scooty or papa driving in car.
Delhi is too hot, how someone lives without AC.
We met for the first time, you just bought cold coffee, we could have done other thing or go for a movie.

We served them Samosa and Sharbat instead of Tea and Poha.

I was to meet a guy on 12th of Feb.I was getting late because something crucial came up at work.Dad continously kept calling me that I was getting late I should be on time.I was just about to catch an auto and I missed seeing a bike and the bike hit me.I had fractures.I was lying unconcious on the road.God saved me and I had somehow fallen near the flat that I used to stay.
Luckily dad was calling so some stranger called and told him about the situation. I was fine within 3 weeks.I work as a HR in a very well known firm (People dream of working in this company).
Meeting was rescheduled.After 4 weeks of the incident I met them.
Guy : What is your job profile
I : I am HR @XYZ
Guy : How did you get a job at such a big firm
I : I dont recall what did I answer.
Guys mother : Beta aapka sach mein accident hua tha ki koi chakkar tha isliye aaye nahi
I : Sach mein hua tha.I have stiches.
( I had few stiches but I could walk .My job teaches me to be patient everyday.I kept calm.I had just face of my father going on my mind.Telling me be quiet)
Suddenly this women gets a crazy Idea.
Guys mother : Beta aap langda toh nahi rahe na matlab normal chal paoge kabhi,Beta chal k dikhana
I lost my patience called daddy.Told him infront of her I cant stand this women.I walked off.
Something that happened afterwards that guys mother,family member told everyone in social gatherings that I cant walk properly so they rejected me.
I still laugh imagning myself to walk in over crowded CCD.

The Bride groom rejected the marriage for not handling a cup of coffee with right hand in engagement by the bride.

He stayed on fifth floor of a building which didn’t have an elevator!

Groom: Corporate employee earning >25 lpa (read very busy) age 27
Certain bride: I would like my husband to cook so that he can help me.
Groom: No, I don’t know very well how to cook, rather I don’t want to cook unless it is emergency. But I have couple of servants for that, you don’t have to cook either. It’s optional and upto you.
Bride: Do you want me to eat food cooked by servants?
Groom: But my cooking is not that great.
Bride: Silence… (Rejected!)


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