My Desktop Computer Setup

computerwin10tab (2)wacom intuos art medium
canon (2)

Nothing Fancy, assembled desktop having – Windows 10 and Linux Mint in dual boot, Samsung SA300 21 inch LED Monitor (TN Panel), Core i7 6700k, Asus Z170-PRO-GAMING Motherboard, 16 GB DDR 4, Nvidia GTX 560Ti, 4 TB Seagate HDD, LG Blu-Ray DVD writer, LG DVD writer, Seasonic M12II-620 Bronze smps, Intex It-2000 2.1 speaker, D-Link usb dongle on airtel 3G plan. May be I will add nvidia GTX 960 or 1060 soon.

Windows 10 is the most stable windows till now, no more windows explorer has stopped working, and Linux Mint is the easiest to use Linux in which things can be done fast. Do not forget to use Classic Shell and Old New File Explorer with Windows 10 for more fast working as user interface of Windows 7 was fastest and these two soft wares make Windows 10 user interface similar to Windows 7.

It is more than sufficient for Direct3D11.0 and OpenGL4.5 game programming. I prefer nvidia cards ending with 6 like 960 , 1060 instead of ultimate 7,8,9 for supporting medium range hardware, also it is value for money. Processor is a bit overpowered to compress movies to x264 in handbrake quickly. Monitor is TN Panel as it has faster response time in games, has matte finish so does not reflect light like mirror like IPS panels, good enough color contrast, very low strain on eye due to less glare and height of monitor is equal to height of a big book, so reading scanned image pdf books or text pdf books is very pleasant on it, also you can zoom the books.

A Canon imageFORMULA P-215II scanner (showed above in picture) for scanning books (scans at 15 page per minute, a 1000 page book is easily scanned in 1 hour, though the book needs to be opened at binding and carefully cut there for getting sheets of paper which this scanner can scan) and a Canon Lide120 flatbed scanner for scanning photographs and normal single pages.

Very efficient for writing novels and doing research for it. I prefer Logitech mouse and Logitech membrane keyboards (due to silent typing) which i generally need to change after 6 months to 1 year. No mechanical keyboard is silent (TVS will kill your ears), though Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire XT – Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX Brown Switches after adding Blue O rings may be good enough. Of course for 14,000 INR of this keyboard I can buy Logitech Membrane Keyboard Mouse combo for 10 years whenever any key starts jamming.

I use normal keyboard for composing music with FL Studio 12. I use sheet editor mainly, so getting a external Midi piano keyboard like M-Audio Keystation 32 Mini Keys Keyboard is not necessary. Think yourself more like the producer writing music and conducting performance of various artists instead of a artist playing a single instrument while composing electronic music in FL studio.

A Wacom intuos art for digital drawing and painting.

And a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 inch for reading books when power is out. Never buy a tablet less than 10 inches for reading pdf books. Though after this size laptops start so 10 inch tablet is the only option.

All in all this is a medium expensive, efficient setup to get work done at extremely high speed without any obstruction.




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