Time Saving, Using Time Efficiently

Time Saving, Using Time Efficiently

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Time and Tide wait for no one.

Time will pass regardless of what you do in your time. You need to be clear first about what you want to save time for. Ideally it is for doing things you want like family or hobbies. If you are already doing work you love and earning money from it your large portion of time is already saved.

Time Management is a misnomer. You can only save time by doing things you have to do efficiently and avoiding unnecessary things. You cannot do everything you can think of doing since wishes are limitless and speed of mind is infinite. You need to control your mind and do only the best things to have a big positive impact on your life. Do not forget that you want to do all this to live a happy life free from stress. If you are unhappy may be you should first sit back, relax and introspect.


Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle

80-20 rule –

The most important 20% things should be done in 80% of our time (as they have the most positive impact on our life, like excelling in our main work) and the other unimportant 80% things in 20% of our time (like hobbies, entertainment so they support instead of interfering with our progress in life towards our goals). Working more than 80% will cause burnout since you need entertainment and hobbies also for happy life, whereas doing too much entertainment will halt the progress in our life. Following this rule gives quick and important results. Apply it everywhere you can.


Doing work efficiently –

Saving time is directly related to your speed of doing things.

  1. Gain knowledge about what you want to do. Having better skills make your work easier and faster. Work with planning. Planning for 10 min before starting working will save 2 hours later. Use intelligence to devise new efficient methods to do the work. Identify areas where you can reduce wastage of time.
  2. Practice as much as possible for increased efficiency.
  3. Do work with full concentration. Get so much focused that you lose sense of time and other things while doing working for maximum efficiency which is the final stage of efficiency. Do what you love. If you are not doing what you love one of major goals in your life should be to get to the point in life when you can do what you love , which means to have financial freedom. See – Rich Dad poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki


Time and Money –

Balance between time and money is must. Often you can save money by giving time and save time by giving money. But you should balance them. Nobody should waste your all time for meager returns (exploitation) or you should not waste all of your time for lots of money (greed). If you do not have both time and money, try to get better education, improve your mind to get at better position in life. Change jobs that take all of your time. It is lot better to have a bit less money with time for oneself.


Healthy Life –

Health Care – https://nexon7.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/health-care-ideal-healthy-daily-routine-ayurvedic-way-for-healthy-life/


Practical tips for Time Saving –

Maintain a record of your time in diary. Check it after 1 week, 1 month and 1 year to see where your time is going. Measurement of time is necessary for planning and saving time.

Make Goals and Deadlines (since things lose value in life after their time is passed) in your life and work towards them.

Do not count hours, count the results you have attained.

Plan before doing anything. It is better to make plans for next day and week beforehand. Also have a plan for future life for 10-50 years.

Organize things for maximum efficiency. For ex, have everything near, arranged and with cleanliness in your office before starting work.

Work according to time table or schedule as it organizes things and body and mind gets adjusted to work at peak efficiency at that time.

Do most important thing first so that it definitely gets done and improves your life.

Start the work as soon as possible to make momentum. Gain speed and maintain the edge. Maintaining balance is necessary all the time.

Leave laziness and procrastination completely or you can never progress. Just start and get in work.

Work when you are most active. Do entertainment and rest when you tired AFTER working.

Do things in logical order. You do not put water after warming tea leaves.

Obstacles will come while doing any work since the entropy always increases in universe. Put more energy to overcome the obstacles.

Say no to small gains in present for bigger gains in future.

Always try to finish what you have started to the fullest of your abilities. Change goals only when absolutely necessary after thinking and deciding.

Do exercise, yoga, meditation regularly to increase your physical and mental capability to work at full efficiency and live stress free life. Also take enough rest and sleep when you are tired. Sleep at time and wake early for better health.

Use TV, Mobile, Internet to save time and gain knowledge instead of wasting time like black hole. You must save and use time for improving your knowledge. Entertainment should be done in control or it will become addiction and will finally cause boredom at which point a lot of your precious time have been wasted.

Leave all bad habits and addiction which will kill both your time and yourself.

Utilize time wasted while travelling or waiting by reading and thinking.

Give work to others which you can give to others without troubling them.

Use money to save time where appropriate.





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