Skin Care

Skin Care –

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Drink enough water as it will quickly make you look younger. Eat as much Fruits and Vegetable as you can as they are rich in Antioxidants, Minerals and Fiber.

Use very very small amount of Olive Oil (has antioxidants) on face, then wash it with Rose Water, before sleeping. This will make your face bright. Coconut oil can be also used.

Massage face in morning before bathing with Olive oil (1-2 drops) or Coconut oil (1-2 drops) (add some water if you have normal or oily skin), then wash after 15-30 mins. Massage face in upward circular motions with light hands without applying pressure. Massage very gently on face, especially area under the eyes. This will relax your face, make your skin glow and prevent wrinkles.

For removing or preventing wrinkles –

For Dry Skin – Pick up extra virgin olive oil for this purpose. You just need a few drops regularly for this purpose. Massage the area around the wrinkles gently with warm olive oil from downward to upward motion (circular motion) for ten minutes. For even better results, you can add a few drops of coconut oil. Olive oil along with coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer that hydrates your skin effectively.

For Normal and Oily Skin – Use almond oil. First use oil on hands, feet and body, then use the very small amount left in palms on face. If your face still feels oily, wash with water after 15 – 30 minutes. You can also use rose water mixed with equal amount of water for washing face and eyes.

While massaging look downwards towards floor for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will let blood flow towards skin of face, rejuvenating it.

Use face pack of – 4 parts Gram Flour (Besan) + 1 or 1/2 part Turmeric Powder (Haldi) + 1 part Sandalwood Powder (Chandan). Use with milk (preferably raw) and water for dry skin, with rose water and water for normal skin, with water for oily skin.

For skin of body use Almond oil or Coconut oil. Use Mustard oil at night in winter for dry skin.

Try to keep your blood clean. You may eat one Bitter gourd each day.

Do Exercise, Yoga and Meditation Daily and keep away from stress.

Health Care –

Do not smoke, drink. Be Healthy overall.

For UV Protection it is lot better to use shade like umbrella then using lotions which block sweat and keep impurities inside. After waking up wash your face and do not put creams or makeup (specially powder), they will block sweat and keep impurities inside, damaging your skin in long run. Let your skin breathe naturally.

Be beautiful following nature’s ways.


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    • Although berry pigments have antioxidant properties in vitro, there is no physiological evidence established to date that berry polyphenols have actual antioxidant functions within the human body. Consequently, it is not permitted to claim that foods containing polyphenols have antioxidant health value on product labels in the United States and Europe. – Wikipedia

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