First OpenGL Program in Linux Mint 17 with gcc and Code Blocks


1. Basic Program



Install C and C++ Compilers in Linux Mint


sudo aptitude install build-essential


sudo apt-get install build-essential

This will install all the required packages for C and C++ compilers


Compiling Your first C Programs –


Now you need to open first.c file

sudo gedit first.c

add the following lines save and exit the file


#include <stdio.h>

int main()


printf(“Hello world\n”);

return 0;






right click in /home/[UserName]

Create New Document -> Empty Document

name file icheck.cpp


paste this program


// Hello World


#include <stdio.h>



printf(“Hello, world!\n”);

return 0;




Or this program


// C program to check whether a given integer is odd or even


#include <stdio.h>


int main()



int ival, remainder;

printf(“Enter an integer : “);

scanf(“%d”, &ival);


remainder = ival % 2;

if (remainder == 0)

printf(“%d is an even integer\n”, ival);


printf(“%d is an odd integer\n”, ival);


return 1;



(UserName is scott)


Open Terminal (Hotkey – Control + Alt + T)


gcc /home/scott/icheck.cpp

/home/scott/a.out         (a.out is defult output file if no name is supplied, and is created in /home/scott folder by default)



gcc -o hello hello.c

where hello is the name of output file



now do input and output in terminal.


Code Blocks –


File -> New project -> Console Application

folder – /home/scott/ hw/hw_basic

path – /home/scott/hw/hw_basic/hw_basic.cpp

see – hw_basic.cpp for source code


Set path – /home/scott/hw/hw_basic/hw_basic.cpp

Use F9 or compile button in toolbar to run the program


compiled Exe (hw_basic) is in – /home/scott/hw/hw_basic/bin/Release

Start Terminal








 2. OpenGL Program




Nividia Driver instalation in Linux Mint 17


 You need to connected to internet, you should be able to download 70 – 100 MB in reasonable time. (3G, Broadband connection is preferred)

Start Menu – Administration – Driver Manager


select – nvidia 331 (recommended)

[Apply changes]


Above step installs working proprietary nvidia drivers. After that you can install latest nvidia drivers. This step also removes the problem of noveau interferring with installation if latest driver (run file from nvidia) is directly installed.


Optional – (If you want latest drivers)

Then Download the latest driver like “” from nvidia website.

Save it in “/home/nea/drv/”                  (change name for easy typing in terminal)

Start Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

sudo service mdm stop

You will go to command line. Login Again.

sudo telinit 3

sudo sh /home/nea/drv/

Now the driver will install. Accept, Rebuild Modules or Script

sudo service mdm start (very important)

If X Sever does not start or system hangs or Command Line, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. Or restart from restart button.

After restart. Login, Check Driver version from Start Menu -> Preference -> Nvidia X Server Settings. You can change resolution here.







Code Blocks


Using Code Blocks is must for big Cross Platform software development.


Install C and C++ Compilers in Linux Mint –


Start Terminal and type

sudo aptitude install build-essential                // all the required packages for C and C++ compilers (gcc)



Intall Code Blocks –


sudo apt-get install codeblocks                       // Code Blocks



search “code blocks in linux mint” in google

go to – codeblocks – Linux Mint Community

install from there


read instructions from codeblocks page and install if you want nightly builds



Install reuired development libraries –


sudo apt-get install libx11-dev                        // x11 for window

sudo apt-get install libgl -dev                         // OpenGL

sudo apt-get install libopenal -dev                  // OpenAL



Nothing will be installed or upgraded if the package is already installed.





File -> New project -> Open GL Project

folder – /home/scott/gl/gl_basic

path – /home/scott/gl1/gl_basic/gl_basic.cpp

see – gl_basic.cpp for source code


Set path – /home/scott/gl1/gl_basic/gl_basic.cpp

Use F9 or compile button in toolbar to run the program


compiled Exe (gl_basic) is in – /home/scott/gl1/gl_basic/bin/Release

double click it to run the program


Start Terminal



Compile whole program with static lib to get your Exe working without problems on other machines.


 3. OpenAL Program


Coming Soon


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