3 responses to “Installing nvidia graphics drivers on Linux Mint 18 or Ubuntu, Set Boot menu default and Boot time out

  1. Wow really?
    I can’t just click the file left or right click and chose install or to run?
    I can’t go to the driver manager and just chose the file?
    I have to type and endless list of commands which must be googled first?
    Wow, I think I am back to windows in my first day with Mint, if it’s really such pain.
    And I have decades of computer experience.
    But I do not accept that I have to enter that much code for a simple driver install.

    • Yes I too now have a decade of computer experience and 5 years linux experience. I also hate to enter a lot of commands for driver install (that too nvidia graphics driver which is easiest on windows) let alone audio or printer drivers which are fortunately already installed. Actually you can double click and run the nvidia installer which will abort with message that you need to close XWindow sytem first. All the commands are for that. For ex. Quake 3 or Open Arena runs directly by double clicking. There must be a big technical problem for nvidia to disable XWindow while it is running and install graphics driver without shuuting it first by user. The problem is with Graphics driver only. After that it is almost as easy as windows (God forbid if you had tried Ubuntu). I like Linux and so do others and Mint is best in usability though a lot behind Windows 7 (Win 8 eeks). The more Linux Mint gets used the better it will become. Luckily it is not controlled by some corporation like Ubuntu, but by a community of good people.

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