Best PC Games

Best PC Games since 1999 I have played

Previously …


Doom info

The first 3d type game, a jump from 2D. doom was the no. 1 software to be installed on windows pc.


Quake 2 info

The first true 3D game.


Half Life 1 info

The first game with story, not to mention with best graphics at that time.


Planescape Torment info

RPG with 8 branching options, with text more than lot of novels.

I started in 2002 with Age of Empires 2 The conquerors, Quake 3, Jedi Outcast, Serious Sam FE, SE, etc. Since then I found these games lots of fun and played them many times. These are selected on all aspects gameplay, graphics, story.

Best games to be Replayed …


1. Quake 3 Arena info

The fun deathmatch game with deathmatch unmatched.


2. Age of Empires 2 The conquerors info

Best strategy game ever. An HD remake is coming in April 2013.


3. Never Winter Nights 1 info

1st 3D Role Playing Game. Great RPG too with graphics to match.


4. Unreal Tournament 2004 info

Competitive tournament game with tons of content and lot of game types. Best UT ever.

hl2 hl2ep2

5. Half Life 2 info

Physics, Animation, Story, Graphics all were best. Far Cry released at same time though had better graphics in outdoors. Half Life 2 was the Crysis of 2003, except that it ran on low end PC’s also.


6. Oblivion info

Fun RPG with good exploration and combat, with amazing graphics.


7. Serious Sam FE, SE info

Pure old school shooting fun.

swbf1  swbf2

8. Star Wars Battlefront 1, 2 info

Amazing conquest mode, great levels and gameplay.


9. Dragon Age Origins info

Another amazing RPG from Bioware.

sk2  sk1

10. Skyrim info

True successor of Oblivion. Very fun RPG.

c2 c1

11. Crysis 1 info

Best Graphics since 2007 (Crysis 3 looks bit better). Gameplay is Unique (Tough first 75% game is only good). Very good AI, with good physics. Requires Powerful PC to play.

Honorable Mention —

Are good fun for atleast 1 playthrough.


The Sims 1, 3 info

manage Sims life


Unreal Tournament 1999 info

Competitor of Quake 3 and good enough


Tekken 3 at Golden Leon info

Can be played through pcsx emulator on PC, best fighting game. (this is a playstaion game btw but an exception had to be made for this)


Vampire Masquerade Redemption info

Good story and Gameplay, christoff, anezka, love story, vampires, redemption, masquerade.


Star Wars Jedi Academy info

Star Wars and play as Jedi !


Painkiller info

Like Serious Sam with amazing levels.


Halo 1, 2 info

Worldwide phenomenon on XBox 360. Good game.

fc1 fc3

Far Cry 1, 3 info

Fun enough.


Need for speed 7 Hot Pursuit 2 info


Need for speed 7 Most Wanted info


Need for speed 7 Most Wanted 2012 info

Good racing Games


Star Wars KOTOR 1 info

Good RPG, with good story.


Vampire Masquerade 2 Bloodlines info

Fun enough RPG.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3 info


Call of Duty World at war info

Worldwide phenomenon on all platforms, top selling game. Very much fun to play.


Gears of War 1 info

Hit on XBox 360. Good Game.


Unreal Tournament 3 info

Fun enough. Mediocre Graphics.


Left 4 dead 2 info

Fun cooperative game.


X Men 4 Origins Wolverine info

Amazing hack and slash


Crysis Warhead info

Good Gameplay


Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 info

Amazing hack and slash by a 10 times powerful Jedi.


Mass Effect 2 info

Very Good RPG, with deep story and gameplay.


Assasins Creed 1, 2, 3 info

Very funny games. Exploration, combat, almost RPG.


Alan Wake info

Amazing story, thriller game.


The Witcher 2 Assasins of kings info

A very good RPG.


Saints Row The Third info

Brother of GTA 4 (which is good in itself), but a lot more fun.

cr3_2 cr3_1

Crysis 3 info

Only 1st 2 levels are good out of 7 levels. Graphics are best ever (a bit better than Crysis 1 2007). But the Bow is fun to play with.


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