What Now, Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arrrrrrgh, grrrrrrr, uhhhhhh. Exams are finally over and like all creatures of hell I like giving exams. I love them more than the hottest chicks of this world(Ok I hate hot chicks also, actually better they be nice chicks). I am playing Crysis and Gears Of War these days, both are great games of these times.


Novel running again, Sleep times restored, Global economy falling, may comeback again. My friends injuring there backs. Some getting fat, some thin. I wonder where world is going. Crysis need 4Gb RAM on Windows Vista 64 bit to play on High or above. RAM prices are not falling. Festivals and sweet eating. Hopeful life. I think all is mixd bag. Atleast I am not having writer’s block on novel. Thanks to all authors who provide learning material for free on internet or otherwise.





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