New Moon, the drama inherent

New Moon, the drama inherent

Twilight Movie itself was brim filled with drama. And now its sequel New Moon is just exploding with drama, succeeding beautifully in hypnotizing the viewer till the end.

Bella wants to become vampire(we know that already).


Now the Drama starts –
Edwards leaves inspite of conquering himself in Twilight, he now leaves for a even more greater reason(and no he is not afraid of Jacob).

As if that was not enough he goes to Volturi for being made smashed potato.
And then Jacob seems to have evil plans and he is the third party in love triangle. Jacob seems bbecoming more evil.
Then Isabella Swan herself is driving to brink of madness, quite literally.
Victoria seems herself to be dwarfed in face of these surprising events.

Then the roller coaster ride turns towards resolution falling like a cascading waterfall. And we are sticken to our seats till the last moment everything is sorted out(not without real disturbance by Volturi at end).
See the movie and compare what I say, as I donot want to spoil the fun for those who have not seen the masterpiece till now, so I do not say everything explicitly.


Stephanie mayer may not be a great magician of words like Stephen King but her Twilight series is brim filled with charm and great plot and story. People wrongly compare her with JK Rowling, with whom she can be comapred only as reagrds to her income and being female, otherwise both write different things for different people.

Just see the movie for yourself but do not forget to see Twilight first or the fun will be spoiled and you will feel lost.


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